The Replacements Are In

Finally was able to replace my long dead G5 with a brand new 27″ iMac.

With advances in processors & ram I no longer need the brute size of a G5. This one is faster than anything I’ve had previously and has more RAM. Stunning to think about.

Next up is a large Wacom tablet so I can paint & re-touch on the computer much easier. Heck, with this size of screen I bet I could even run Painter with all the windows open and still have room to work in.

So what are you needing in a commercial artist?

Photoshop experience? I’ve got 20+ years of it.

Adobe Illustrator? Again, 20+ years.

Critical color? No probs.

Imposition knowledge? I know how to and have worked with most imposition software.

Analog skills? I airbrush, paint, sculpt, draw and fingerpaint. That is, I’ve painted my fingers while airbrushing.

Web? Here’s a sticky point, I don’t html or @ least I don’t do it well. Never cared too much for coding but I’m learning.

Why am I tooting my own horn? Because I need work, simple as that.

Missed a Few Days

But here I am.

I’m still arguing with Photoshop CS6 and “Refine Mask”. Just plain sucks as a masking tool in my experience.

Haven’t hardly touched the in-progress models.

Keep trying to refine/image my cancer mandala. Don’t know if I’ll ever manage it. A little too close to home I guess.


A little about myself

I’ve worked with Illustrator since v88. Photoshop since the v1. I still remember the joy of layers coming to Photoshop. I worked with Quark Express for 10+ years until I went solo and could no longer afford it. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time with InDesign. While I still prefer Quark, InDesign does do the job quite nicely. I’ve spent time with Freehand, which was great to build in, an absolute nightmare to print out of. As a pre-press operator I hated it almost as much as I hated Pagemaker. I also worked with Live Picture a revolutionary image composition program. It was stunning for it’s time, heck even now it’s got some awesome points, but the industry standard Photoshop soon caught up. Ah the heady days of digital pre-press. Working off 040 Macs, jumping to RISC based processors, dealing with Intel based RIPs, hacking PDFs back when they were “Printer Definition Files”, arguing with Scitex, fixing traps, screaming because some idiot designer tried to overprint white text (which makes the text disappear on output)… those were the days…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…

There are many things I am thankful for. I know I don’t think about them as much as I should. I’m thankful I have a roof over my head. I’m thankful my health is, well, ok. We have food in the cupboards, pets that act like they love us, hobbies, and income. Friends, family, and the internet.

In all, a pretty damned good life.

Sleep, those little slics of death, how I want some.

Insomnia sucks. It sucks the energy out of the day, the fun out of life and puts the gumpy in charge.

Hate insomnia.

Too tired to think straight so no works gets done, still have to wake up the next day else I repeat the trend. Eyes ache, joints hurt, grumpley stomach, just not the usually big ball of fun I normally am. Doesn’t help my depression much @ all. Need to make an app w/Doc to see what else might be done. Sometimes even my heavy hit of Sleepy Time & Tension Tamer doesn’t do the trick.

Just so damned tired.

All I want to do is sit on the couch and drool.

Oh, well, back to your usual chain of events.