Build & Bull vs the 13 Assassins

Went to the CoMMiES Build & Bull today, got in a solid 4 hours of building. Mostly weathering but also got the tubes for the legs on Pinky & the Snake Eye figured out so those’ll be base ready soon.

Went to PeiWei for dinner with the crew, had a great time.

Then home and finished watching 13 Assassins, a Japanese period film. Very well done. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Back to Basics

When in doubt, try going back to the root of the issue. Not inspired to paint? Grab some tempera and finger paint. Stuck on a scale model? Grab a simple Tamiya and build it straight out of the box.

It seems that sometimes we get stuck on a project because we’re over thinking it. Step back, take a deep breath  and do the simple thing. It’s like checking to make sure the computer is plugged in before you spend 5 hours trying to boot it up.

So take a breather and finger paint.

Well I’m going to try for a post a day

We’ll see how it goes.

One of my problems with writing is an inability to put thought to paper. I can come up with some wonderful prose in my head but it goes blank when I try to write it down. Hence, most of my written stuff is simple train of thought, typing without thinking about what’s going down until after.

Like I said, we’ll see how it goes.

Still trying to figure out how to set up an RSS feed & make this mobile compatible.

Looking for work in all the wrong places…

Well, looking for work & not getting any responses.

Anybody have any work for a person with above average intelligence, is highly proficient, commercial artist type person? I’ve got mad pre-press skills, design abilities and am a world ranked scale modeler. I’m also #8 world wide on Bejeweled but that doesn’t really mean much other than I have too much time on my hands.

What makes HLS better than the next guy?

I got asked what sets HLS apart from the rest. Being whom I am my first question was “define next guy“.

Still trying to define the rest of the question. I’ve spend years in commercial in one form or another. I’ve been told I see colors other people don’t or can’t. I know I see the world differently and have since long before Apple did.

So what does set me apart…

Drit Eater

There’s a story as to why this is called “Drit Eater”. Back when I was driving Sueanne to work there was a sign off 6th avenue declaring “Free Drit”. It’s stuck with us. Had it stuck harder I would have lettered the side of the Nutrocker with “Drit Eater” instead of “Dirt Eater”. But then again no one would have gotten it.