The Art Whirled

Honestly, I don’t care much for the art establishment as it is. Their focus is wrong, their attitude poor and their reason for existence weak.

Quantity over quality, schlock or taste. I just see so often that galleries go for something they can easily quantify rather than delve into the subject and figure it out. Why spend hours pouring over slides when you can just pick up some “outsider artist” and say they’re the next great thing. It’s easy.

And art shouldn’t be.

I know artists that pour every iota of their being into their work. Struggle and dwell over tiny things, things the average joe will never see but that doesn’t matter, because in the end it’s just what matters to the artist.

But do they get gallery time? Do collectors and curators search them out to tell them how their piece moved them? No, they don’t. Instead some jackass who farted on a piece of paper gets the publicity.

And yet still they struggle, why? Because they are artists and success is not necessarily their goal.