What makes HLS better than the next guy?

I got asked what sets HLS apart from the rest. Being whom I am my first question was “define next guy“.

Still trying to define the rest of the question. I’ve spend years in commercial in one form or another. I’ve been told I see colors other people don’t or can’t. I know I see the world differently and have since long before Apple did.

So what does set me apart…

Drit Eater

There’s a story as to why this is called “Drit Eater”. Back when I was driving Sueanne to work there was a sign off 6th avenue declaring “Free Drit”. It’s stuck with us. Had it stuck harder I would have lettered the side of the Nutrocker with “Drit Eater” instead of “Dirt Eater”. But then again no one would have gotten it.