Story thought #17

Prolog starts with an older man walking home from the local coffee shop in winter thinking that this might be the day. Weather was right, things seemed perfect. He detours across the frozen lake as he’s always done when he can. Near the end he hears a sharp crack of ice breaking. As he falls through into the icy waters below he thinks that this was the day or some such.

Story starts as a woman, whom you come to find out is the older man’s daughter, trying to hire a private investigator to look into her father’s death. He does, cops ruled it an accident, everything pointed to just that. She disagrees. Her father knew that lake like the back of his hand and would have never walk across it if there was even the slightest chance. Police said that it’d normally have been fine but warmer weather upstream had left the lake somewhat precarious in places. She insists that the PI find out why her father killed himself. She’s convinced he did. She’s not after insurance money, her father left her everything and was quite well off. In fact if it is found that he committed suicide she’ll have to give the money back. Again, not an issue she still has the check.

So off the PI goes digging into the man’s past. Now here’s where I’m not sure where to go. My first thought was that the man was an accountant and was laundering money for some very powerful, very corrupt, very nasty men. Something to do with child slavery. Something really despicable. He didn’t want his daughter to find out, didn’t want the men to think he’d betrayed them (fear of repercussions on his daughter). Hence the accidental death. But what if he was a researcher? Asked to research companies, backgrounds, etc only to find what information he was pulling, and he was very good @ his job, was being used for all the wrong reasons… Possibly leaving a trail only another researcher could follow.

PI notes: Not your usual gumshoe, PI is a former forensic accountant from the FBI, hacker, researcher.

Story Idea #9

Blasted post-apocalyptic world. Only thing moving are the large combat vehicles through a smoke/fog/smog/etc covered land. The vehicles are the culmination of years of armored combat. Heavily armored, well gunned with virtually all systems able to be repaired from within the vehicle. Crews spend weeks, months now that the war has gone so wrong, encased in their armored steeds. Re-supplied by automated service vehicles the crews rarely know what’s going on. Communications are spotty. Can’t leave the vehicle due to contaminates in the air. Cut off from the world. A single crew struggles to survive not knowing if they’ve won or lost, dead or alive.

So what happens when the re-supply vehicles start showing up empty? No supplies. No new ammo. No food.

Or they run into a non-contaminated area?

I know, sounds like something from a 60s scifi short.