What gets me is that for me, this whole cancer thing is “OHMYFUCKINGGOD IT’S CANCER” and everything should be a massive rush to take out what’s needed and zap the rest.

But it’s not that kind of emergency.

It’s a thinking emergency. Scan twice cut once. Double check. Triple check. Test, test, test.

Then do something.


Then check again.

I have to keep reminding myself that there is time, this isn’t trying to stave off an infectious disease, it’s just cancer.

But it doesn’t help. In my head I’m still going “OHMYFUCKINGGOD IT’S CANCER GET IT OUT GET IT OUT”.

Maybe I should drink more.

So what are you needing in a commercial artist?

Photoshop experience? I’ve got 20+ years of it.

Adobe Illustrator? Again, 20+ years.

Critical color? No probs.

Imposition knowledge? I know how to and have worked with most imposition software.

Analog skills? I airbrush, paint, sculpt, draw and fingerpaint. That is, I’ve painted my fingers while airbrushing.

Web? Here’s a sticky point, I don’t html or @ least I don’t do it well. Never cared too much for coding but I’m learning.

Why am I tooting my own horn? Because I need work, simple as that.

Missed a Few Days

But here I am.

I’m still arguing with Photoshop CS6 and “Refine Mask”. Just plain sucks as a masking tool in my experience.

Haven’t hardly touched the in-progress models.

Keep trying to refine/image my cancer mandala. Don’t know if I’ll ever manage it. A little too close to home I guess.