So this will track my word count for NANOWRIMO. That means I need to write some 1,667 words a day in the month of November.

Should be interesting.

Largely due to my dyslexia and difficulties writing/getting thoughts on paper. Or in this case on the puter.

It breaks down to about 208 words per hour if you’re wondering. So far I have 60 in this post.

208 is a looooong way off.

A little scared.

Not even really sure about what to write about. Thought about writing something about Tom Clancy’s death being connect to world events and the hunt to expose his killers but really not sure if I’m up for that. Then there is always the want to pad your word count by no longer using contractions and filling things with superfluous and extraneous adjectives and descriptors. @ 208 words an hour I’d need my typing speed to be 3.4 words a minute. I think that I can mange. The rest is just blathering on for 8 hours or more. Less if I can just fill things up writing a train of consciousness kind of thing. It would help if I could type & spell. @ least I’m not one-fingering the board. I can use more than a single digit, but my technique is far from what Mavis would have liked. Hey look I’m up past 210.

So I’ll quit now. I just wanted to see if I could even type to that volume.