My thanks

I’d like to thank the following:

The whole crew over @ Primal Wear. Dave & his hand picked crew do an awesome job of producing some of the spiffiest jerseys in the business.

Dan Holmes of Holmesonics for his never ending support, enthusiasm, and butt kicking.

The ladies @ Dame Artists & their support & enthusiasm.

Mike Snively of Intimate Muse for letting me tag along on photography sessions and letting me use of a few images to experiment on.

Tom Grossman of Tag Team Hobbies for his endless knowledge of airbrushes and support of the scale modeling hobby.

Maxine @ Humming Line for constantly making me want to play with glass.

John @ Starship Modeler for sending so much work my way and for having a site that takes so much of my money back.

The incomparable Steve Wheeler of Wheeler Sculpting & Knives for his turning an illustration into reality

The CoMMiES (the Colorado Modeling Militia Enjoying Scifi) for everything they do.

Bryan @ Maschinen Krueger for teaching me so much about so little.

The Techmages & Florida Peacekeepers for their support.

Mikayla @ the Highlands Ranch Hand & Stone for keeping my back & neck from totally seizing up.

And most importantly, Bob & Connie Merrill for whom without, none of this would have happened…

4 Responses to My thanks

  1. david cuthbertson says:

    Love your 1/350 Scout conversion decals. Are you able to print them in 1/1000 scale? I’d like to buy a set if you can.

  2. Gerry says:

    Love to be able to buy some of your cheescake decals I seen on Starship modeller but they’ve been outta stock for a while. How can I get my hand son some of these?

    • Robb says:

      I’ve spoken with John @ Starship modelers and he’ll re-stock as soon as his printer is able to clear some print time.

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