Distressed Edges in Adobe Illustrator

So you want to distress the edges of a shape in Illustrator. Used to be I’d export it to Photoshop, run an edge distress filter, drag it back into Illustrator and outline. Time consuming and if there was a change to the shape I had to go through it all over.

So I developed this method.

First, make your shape


Create a new layer and build your “bite” shape. To make this simple I’m just using a circle. Select the circle and make into a scatter brush like so.


Now duplicate your shape layer and make into a stroke.


Apply the brush. You may need to adjust the random parameters a bit depending on teh shape size.


Then make it the background color and turn on your original shapes layer.


You can use any shape, go jagged even if need be.


Then adjust as needed.


Combine with other distressing and create a whole lotta grunge.


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