Scale Rulers

Here are the scale rulers I did a while back. Thanks to Steve for reminding me to get these on the site again. Free for personal use. If you need some done for business shoot me an email.

6-25 32-100 144-2500

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  1. robert chell says:

    HI, I couple weeks ago someone from the One sixth Warrior forum posted a link to a 1/6th scale ruler that you had put online, but now the link doesn’t work! I should have printed off a bunch of them but didn’t because I thought I had the link if I needed it again. I looked in your scale ruler link and it wasn’t in there. Is there any way I can get another link to where it’s hiding? I was hoping to find a stainless ruler like I have for all my other scales but so far I haven’t been able to find one! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Bob.

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