Purely for Design

My non-commercial work. Thing done just because I wanted to. Or wanted to see if I could.

A Series of Interesting Adobe Illustrator Techniques

Call them mandalas, call them black work, perhaps they're inspired by the color in posters on bygone eras. What ever they are, they're also a series of interesting Adobe Illustrator techniques. I'm really not sure If I will ever call these finished. I keep adding, removing, adjusting, tweeking, changing names, themes... I should have kept a Flash video of it all. Would have been interesting to see the progress.

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Some things take Photoshop

Much like the Series of Interesting Adobe Illustrator Techniques, this is a series of interesting Photoshop techniques. How interesting? I don't really know.

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Inspired, but not limited, by tribal and high contrast tattoo designs. Used to have them in pure black & white but was asked to try color and here you have the results.

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Robert\'s Rorschach

Some of these are what they look like, other are what they look like to you.

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For the Gamers

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My 3D work over the years.

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