Scale Models

Here is where my scale model work will go.


While I enjoy building, creating & painting all manor of models I’m particularly fond of science fiction models and the more weathered the better.

Ma.K Strahl Nihus

A design of my own based on the Heinrich suit.

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Sukhoi/IAI/Dornier SV-51

Macross SV-51 from the show Macross Zero in Polish national markings.

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Armored Core Crest Nineball

Early work with Alclad II using chrome, stainless steel, polished aluminum, and airframe aluminum.

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Pkf.85 Falke Antigravity Armored Raider

Captured Pkf-85 in Red Baron colors. Hasegawa 1/20 scale.

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B-ATM-03-DT Fatty Land Type Custom

1/20 Bandai Fatty. Beautiful kit. Beat it up, rusted it out, added a ton of bolt heads and mesh screen to it. Re-worked the pilot and added a 5 point harness.

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EFGF M61A5 Main Battle Tank "Semovente"

Gundam main battle tank. When one 120mm just isn't enough.

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Junkers Ju87 B-2 Stuka

Tamiya 1/48 Junkers Ju87 B-2 Stuka with northern camouflage. I do build more than just scifi.

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Koenig Krote

The largest Ma.K model I've built to date. The 1/20 Koenig Krote, or King Toad. Can you image this hopping through the forest after you?

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In Progress

Some of my in progress scale models

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  1. Steve Payne says:

    Several years ago, I found a set of printable scale rulers on your sit for all standard model scales up to 1/700. Unfortunately the file was lost in a cpu crash and I am looking to replace the rulers, especially the 1/700 (the 1/700 was MOST helpful in laying out a DESERT SHIELD airfield) and 1/35 scales.

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